Balbua Horatius – Capitol Citizen


This story from Keegan is written from the perspective of a sheltered and selfish Capitol citizen.

It was the day of the Reaping, the day that 24 young tributes are chosen fight to the death, how magnificent! The rush they must have, the excitement, the honour. Everyone in districts, from 1 to 12 must wish to be a tribute. Who wouldn’t want to become a honorary tribute and fight for their proud nation? Their fathers must be proud. Yes, some will die but they all deserve their fate, after all it is their fault they are in this situation.

Now hundreds and thousands of our nation’s proud citizens are at the Reaping. I can’t wait to see who is chosen from Districts One and Two, they always have the best tributes. Strong proud warriors are always on offer, unlike most districts. The lesser districts like 12 always scream and cry. It is ridiculous none of that nonsense is needed! The Reaping in my eyes, portrays strength and honour. The best tributes will be astonishing!

As I think of those who will come from Districts One and Two the excitement flows through my veins. Two muscular men and two very agile young woman what a gift towards our worthy cause! They will be so unlike those from Districts 3-10, all their tributes are weak and pathetic! I know this is a really good year, not only do we have Districts One and Two’s magnificent tributes, but we also have one athletic tribute in District 11.

Its time for the last Reaping of today, its District 12. No one of note will come from there. The girls has been chosen, a Primrose Everdeen, a child! She won’t last long. The only entertainment comes from Effie Trinket wearing that magnificent gown.  She is glorious! What’s this? A young woman has volunteered. Now that’s a surprise. It looks like she is the girl’s sister.

This volunteer, this Katniss Everdeen looks strong. She may ruffle a few feathers. The 74th Hunger Games may be the best yet! May the strongest tribute win.



About ncowie

I am an English teacher at Cromwell College in New Zealand.

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