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In-character Writing – A Matter of Perspective


Year 10 students have been busily writing as a character from The Hunger Games. The task was to create a piece of writing based on The Hunger Games. Students were to retell an event from a fresh perspective.

I have really enjoyed reading the stories and will add some of them to this blog.

The first one is from the perspective of an Avox. Avox means ‘without a voice’ in Latin. Avoxes are rebels and to punish them the Capitol has ordered that their tongues are cut out. They become servants that must wait upon the citizens of the Capitol and tributes.

The story is by Cameron.


Intergalactic Call (IGC) No.103

Tyler has written an alien invasion story in a really interesting way.



User: Robyn Jacobs

Authorised by: Carlos Vanseki

Date: November 9 2016

Recipient: Open Broadcast

My name is Robyn Jacobs. I am a 16 year old girl and I live in Haven. I am writing this in the hopes of someone hearing me. Receiving my message and swooping in to save the day. Anyway, Haven, formerly New York, is a prison. About a year ago the Earth was invaded. We’d had no idea they were coming until it was too late. NASA had detected them about to enter our atmosphere. We had about a 10 minute warning before they invaded the planet. Aliens. Superior to us in every way. They all look like men. Except for their eyes. Black eyes. Eyes too big for their face that look like they could kill you without a thought. They are inhumanly strong and fast. I am proud to say that we fought back. The whole of humanity was united, but it was no use. They had weapons that nobody had ever seen before. They could blast a guy to bits from kilometres away. That’s what happened to my whole family. Mum, Dad and Masie, my 11 year old sister. It’s been two years and still the nightmares haven’t left. I wake up screaming almost every night. The war only lasted a couple of months, before we were all captured. By that time there were only about 9 thousand survivors in the whole world. We were all thrown into the ruins of New York City. They guard the perimeter of the city so we can’t escape. Since then they have pretty much left us alone, unless we were starving. Whenever we run out of food, they will stock everything up. We don’t know how they do it. We’ll all just go to sleep one night, our stomachs growling because we haven’t eaten in five days and wake up to full pantries. We have clean water but no electricity. I keep wondering why they do it. Why are they keeping us alive? What do they want from us? I have a feeling I’m not going to like the answer.

A huge ship appeared in the air about a week ago. It was bigger than anything I’ve ever seen. It filled up the sky and blotted out the sun. As soon as I saw it I ran outside. People ran into the street around me. We all just stood there staring up at this vessel that could mean anything. Was it a ship that had come to take the Invaders home? Where they finally leaving? Something inside me told that wasn’t the case. I have a bad feeling about this. I’m not the only one either. At the Meeting this afternoon (The Meeting is something we set up a couple of months after we were thrown into this hell hole. All the survivors meet at the Hall, which used to be a dance studio in one of the suburbs, once a week) people where panicking. The theories people had about the ship ranged from my original thought, the Invaders are going home, all the way through to, a ship full of warriors that have come to save us. Yeah, it would be nice. Usually at the Meeting, we discuss things like survival and the Invaders, but this time Carlos, the Mayor, could barely get a word in over everyone freaking out. I felt sorry for the poor guy. He’s not very old either, only 25. I live with him and his wife, Alice. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what’s going to happen. God, I hate this! We’re all trapped here, completely at the Invaders mercy! They could do anything to us and get away with it. We wouldn’t even be able to put a fight. I hate it!

Three days after appearing in the sky, it opened up. The ship. And guess what came out of it? Invaders. There must have been millions, if not billions, of them. They came down from the ship right into the heart of the city. We all hid as they walked by our houses. This time there were women as well. And children. What are they doing? I’m scared. Haven’t they done enough to us? They have taken everything. Our families, our hope. What more is there?

Turns out I had spoken to soon. There was still something they hadn’t taken from us. Our home. They are going to take our planet. The next day, everyone was at the Meeting. We were all talking about the ship and the people that came out of it, when it happened. Something crashed through the roof and landed right in front of me. It was about the same size and shape of a tennis ball, only made of metal. It had just rolled towards me and hit the toe of my shoe, when it split in half. The two halves rolled back and balanced perfectly on the rounded side. The flat sides, that were now facing the ceiling, looked like they had some sort of speakers on them. Everyone was frozen. Nobody moved, nobody so much as breathed. Then, a voice came out of the speakers, as clear as if the person was standing in the room. “Humans.” It was a rough voice. Like the person had smoked a few too many cigarettes. It gave me the chills. “We have arrived. We will now take what you do not deserve. Your planet is now ours.” The room was silent. Nobody dared make a sound as those words sunk in. They were going to take our planet? How dare them! “You can’t have it.” Everyone was looking around the room, searching for the one who had dared break the silence. I almost started searching along with them before I realised that it was me. I had said that. The voice laughed. It was a horrible sound that made the hair on the back of my neck stand up on end. “We’ll see.” Then, the speakers joined back up together to make a perfect ball, and flew back out of the hole in the roof.

So, here I am. Sending this Intergalactic call out, hoping there is someone out there in space that might be able to help us. God that sounds stupid. But what am I supposed to do? Watch them take over our planet? Kill us all? That is not an option. So please if there is anyone out there that can help me, my planet, please let me know.

Yours Robyn




Sent to: Robyn Jacobs

Sent by: Unknown

Date: Unknown

We are coming