Primrose Everdeen


Megan has written from the perspective of Primrose Everdeen.

I am twelve years old now, this is my first year having my name in that dreary, old Reaping bowl.  I am so nervous, over the past few days leading up to the Reaping I have been having horrible nightmares about me being called up onto the stage and having to prepare myself for death, it is so horrible.  But luckily my older sister Katniss is there to reassure me and help me get back to sleep again.  But today is the day where one boy and one girl will be called up onto the stage and will be the tributes for District 12.

I am in a pretty shirt and pants that my mother chose for me, I am looking so good, in fact I have never looked this good.  My hair is in a tidy french plait and my tail of my shirt is tucked in. A painful prick goes into my finger, all I can do is let out a small yelp, it is horrible.  Effie Trinket, a representative from the Capitol stands on the stage with a victor who had won the Hunger Games years ago, his name was Haymitch Abernathy.

“Welcome! Welcome! Happy Hunger Games and may the odds be ever in your favour!” she says. “Now, as usual, ladies first!”  My heart is beating so hard that I think it might actually explode!  “PRIMROSE EVERDEEN!”  Oh my God, did my name actually get called out?  How is that possible, this is my first year ever. Why me?  “Where are you? Come on up dear, “ Effie asks. But just as she says this Katniss screams out, “Prim! I volunteer! I volunteer as tribute!”  My heart stops beating for a moment taking in what Katniss has just said, all I can murmur is no!  Before I can move, Gale Hawthorne comes up and puts me over his shoulder and takes me away. I’m kicking and throwing my arms around but it doesn’t help, the one person in the world that I look up to  has been taken away from me and she is going to die.


About ncowie

I am an English teacher at Cromwell College in New Zealand.

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